Posted by: kurtsh | April 23, 2012

NEWS: Upgrade your Skydrive account to maintain 25GB limit

imageApparently, they’re dropping the storage capacity of free Skydrive accounts from 25GB to 7GB.  Yeah… don’t ask.  Our explanation is IMHO weak sauce.  (See the link below) 

I have to assume the change in policy is linked to the fact that someone in Redmond probably anticipates usage of Skydrive to go up in the coming year due to the vastly improved flexibility of Skydrive as a service as well as the coming release of Windows 8.

As such, the “marketing 25GB” ceiling that we set on Skydrive accounts (The limit was in fact real… however, by ‘marketing’ I mean, extremely few people really use 25GB today) actually might be something people use going forward, meaning that they need to account for that 25GB financially in terms of storage costs planning and can’t just use ‘25GB’ as a marketing tool.

That being said, for a limited time, you can visit your EXISTING SKYDRIVE ACCOUNT (you can’t just make one up now – sorry) and you’ll maintain your full 25GB limit.  This way they know who’s really using Skydrive, what accounts are really active, and to what extent it’s being used.  I personally have 4 Skydrive accounts and just upgraded all of them for the full 25GB in under 2 minutes.

Note: All new Skydrive storage accounts moving forward will be capped at 7GB.

In order to upgrade your account, all you need to do is log in to with your Windows Live ID, and if you’d previously established a Skydrive storage account, you’ll see your ‘directory’ and a link at the top that you can click to upgrade you account to the full 25GB instead of just 7GB.


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