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RELEASE: MS Press–“Windows Sysinternals Administrator’s Reference”

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imageI usually don’t hype books too much, but damn, if this isn’t a long time coming.  These are the kind of tools that you really want to have a paper reference for.

Here’s a sample from the blog announcement:

Aaron Margosis and I are thrilled to announce that the long awaited, and some say long overdue, official guide to the Sysinternals tools is now available! I’ve always had the idea of writing a book on the tools in the back of my mind, but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that Dave Solomon, my coauthor on Windows Internals, convinced me to pursue it. After a few false starts, I decided that a coauthor would help get the book done more quickly, and turned to Aaron, a good friend of mine who’s also a long-time user and expert on the tools at his day job in the Federal Division of Microsoft Consulting Services. It was a great choice and I’m proud to put the Sysinternals brand on the book.

Whether you’re new to the tools or have been using them since Bryce Cogswell (my Sysinternals and Winternals Software cofounder, now retired) and I released NTFSDOS in 1996, you’re sure to take away new insights that will give you the edge when tackling tough problems and managing your Windows systems.

The book covers all 70+ tools, with chapters dedicated to the major tools like Process Explorer, Process Monitor, and Autoruns. For each we provide a thorough tour of all of the tool’s features, how to use the tool, and include our favorite tips and techniques. There’s no better way to learn than by example, though. The last section of the book will be familiar to anyone that’s read this blog or watched my Case of the Unexplained conference sessions, because it presents 17 real-world cases that show how Windows power users and administrators like you solved otherwise impossible-to-solve problems by using the tools.

The book is available for purchase on and available from O’Reilly in 4 ebook formats, or you can read it online through Safari.


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