Posted by: kurtsh | August 7, 2011

INFO: Troubleshooting SharePoint People Search

imageThis is a repost – in it’s entirety – of a post from the GetThePoint blog.  I’m doing this because it’s THAT important to SharePoint Search Admins.

Please take the time to investigate this.  It’s a got a TON of fantastic info.

Have you been scratching your head about how to approach People Search for your SharePoint site or how to try enabling it again? You know you need to do this because a good Search tool is the mesh that helps connect all the disparate parties who contribute to your sites. But, how to proceed?

You might find this detailed and well-illustrated post interesting. It discusses how one might enable SharePoint Search, avoid pitfalls, and work around possible snags:  Troubleshooting SharePoint Search

Paul, the author, provides basic deployment steps for less-experienced administrators, presents a brief explanation for more advanced admins, and dives deep to suggest ways to work around difficulties, both known and more obscure. Suggested work-arounds cover the following topics, among others:

  • The loopback issue where search crawling fails and results in an Access Denied error. The post gives two ways to fix this via a registry update: a quick way and a right way.
  • Search problems with HTTPS sites. The post presents a simple solution, involving a one-line configuration update.
  • Problems associated with Active Directory policies, namely those involved with enforcing proxy server and security settings (like those affecting trusted sites lists). The post presents several options for dealing with this.

Check it out! It’s a bit lengthy but worth the read if SharePoint Search is in your path


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