Posted by: kurtsh | May 9, 2011

NEWS: Coming soon, “Microsoft Store – Century City Shopping Mall”

It’s coming! 

The construction of the Microsoft Store at the Westfield Century City Shopping Mall is underway and now everyone down the street in Beverly Hills knows about it.  (


As you can see Century City Shopping Mall is an open air mall and a showcase of Westfield Shopping Centers.  Sitting across from the “Bloomingdales Men’s Department” – right near the sit-down tables of “Pinkberry” – the Microsoft Store’s footprint is large enough to stretch nearly completely across the north entrance/exit of Bloomies.  (It’s taken the spot of the old “Origins” nature store.)

So attention Los Angeles:  Soon, there’ll be a NEW full service location to buy a Windows PC at in Los Angeles from knowledgeable, friendly staff.  If you’ve lived around here, there’s really not too many choices for where you can go to get a Windows PC from a store with selection, knowledgeable staff, a service department, software, etc.  For desktop & laptop sales, the only major location around here for the average consumer is “Best Buy”.  (Fry’s Electronics, for you ubertechs, is a good 20+ min drive on Los Angeles’ freeways)  The only alternative with a broad selection is sadly… the Internet. 

So where exactly is it in the mall?


Parking is free at Century City Shopping Mall for 3 hours.  There’s a monster food court that caters to “the region” with such culinary delights as Korean Barbecue, multiple sushi restaurants, and even a “Lawry’s The Prime Rib”.

(Be forewarned:  This is one of the “malls to the stars” due to it’s proximity to Beverly Hills and BelAir.  You may actually see the craziness they call the ‘paparazzi’.  I’ve seen the TMZ camera crew there on more than one location.  Even Harvey Levin himself once.)


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