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COMMENTARY: Tech podcasts I’m currently listening to on my Windows Phone 7 & Zune (5/8/11)

I guess while I’m posting, I’d might as post what tech podcasts I listen to religiously.  I have a Zune Pass but admittedly I listen to music maybe a couple times weekly.  On the other hand, I listen to podcasts on the other hand EVERY MORNING, NOON, and NIGHT.  In the shows, on the road, and in the evening while walking the dog – it’s the best way to keep up.

Here’s what I listen to:

  • imageTech News Today
    Yes, I listen to this daily.  I like Tom Merritt and I admire him in the same way I have come to admire Leo Laporte.  Not for their understanding of technology which often times is shallow, but more for their incredible skills as broadcasters and notable achievements in such broadcasting roles.  Being a host is not an easy job AT ALL and I am always in admiration of their ability to transition, smooth over, and otherwise push forward.
  • Web Shows

    This feed has some great commentary about games & the gaming industry – Sessler’s Soapbox & Feedback in particular.  I have mixed thoughts about this podcast feed however G4 forces you to download EVERY PODCAST THEY PRODUCE.  They don’t appear to separate each podcast into it’s own RSS feed probably because G4 reallllllly wants to have all their content viewed so they insist you download their “comic book” podcast and the “MMO” podcast – regardless if you ever actually want any of that.  Adam Sessler’s commentary however is enough to compel me to hit the ‘subscribe’ button however.
  • imageMaximum PC No BS Podcast
    If you like Windows & PC hardware, this podcast is for you.  A favorite of mine, listening to the Maximum PC podcast is like hanging out with your friends.  Some people ramble, others go off on tangents, some talk about stuff they did the other day, others talk about the state of technology.  They cover stuff that was reviewed in the magazine but more importantly they let Senior Editor Gordon Mah Ung rant – and rant he does – about basically anything and everything.  Listening to Gordon rant is like having the little voice in the back of your head have a turn at the microphone.
  • imageKOXM Radio – The Official Xbox Magazine Podcast
    Ryan McCaffrey, Official Xbox Magazine editor runs this podcast and talks about Xbox gaming from the magazine’s perspective… well, sometimes.  See, I keep going back and forth on this podcast because the host sometimes talks minimally about Xbox instead going off on some story about his iPhone or something completely unrelated to the podcast topic, otherwise wasting my time with things I’m not even remotely interested in.  Hey Ryan?  Reign it in or get a co-host to help you reign it in, like Paul Thurrott does with Leo Laporte.
  • imageWindows Weekly with Paul Thurrott
    And then there’s the big daddy of podcasting.  Paul Thurrott’s Windows Weekly podcast along with Leo Laporte, TWIT network founder & CEO runs the most successful tech podcast for Microsoft technology in the world.  Reviewing all things Windows and a lot of things “Microsoft”, Paul uses his decades of experience to weigh in on the importance of some things and the hype of others.  Windows Phone 7 users will want to definitely subscribe as Paul’s a big fan of WP7.
  • imageWindows Phone Radio
    Produced by Brian Seitz & Matt Akers, the Windows Phone Radio podcast is an official Microsoft podcast that lasts usually no more than a half hour and goes over nothing by Windows Phone related matters… which is interesting if you don’t care what the perspective is.  Some days, they cater to the user audience.  Others they cater to the developer audience.  And yet others, it’s hard to tell who they’re talking to as they tend take odd tangents a lot.  Nonetheless, if you have a Windows Phone 7 device you have to at least give this podcast a try to see if it’s relevant to you.
  • imageWPCentral Podcast
    The creation of Daniel Rubino, aka Malatesta, the WPCentral podcast was always informative and a very interesting 3rd party look at Windows Phone.  Malatesta tends to break news stories quicker than the other phone sites because he focuses exclusively on the Windows Phone platform.  Alas, they don’t broadcast regularly any more.  In fact it’s hard to tell WHEN they’re going to broadcast.  The last podcast?  MARCH 2011.  Sigh.  Here’s to hoping…
  • imageIGN Game Scoop
    Masters of the general gaming world and the new owners of 1UP, IGN is the top shelf reviewers of gaming in a world full of game reviewers.  If you’re not into Nintendo or Sony gaming and otherwise prefer Xbox 360 and PC gaming, sometimes this podcast can drag because it’s got so much content across so many different platforms.  But that’s what God made the fast-forward button for I suppose.  It’s definitely worth listening to.
  • imageXbox Live’s Major Nelson Radio
    The venerable Larry Hyrb, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson has one of the longest running gaming podcasts on the market.  What makes this podcast so interesting is his supporting cast, Xbox Live Operations Manager “E”, Xbox Developer Laura “Lollipop” Massey, and Xbox policy enforcement chief, Stephen Toulouse.  Hearing their banter and perspectives is always informative… even if Larry can’t seem to keep the podcast Xbox focused, often going off on cooking, BluRay, iPhone/iPad, TiVo, Nintendo portable gaming, etc.


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