Posted by: kurtsh | April 18, 2011

RELEASE: Bing Business Portal

Lack of awareness can sink a business concept—especially for local business owners. With people using paper directories less and online search more—even for local listings—a lack of online visibility could be devastating.

The all-new Bing Business Portal can fix that.

The Bing Business Portal does three important things:

  1. Creates a basic business listing with contact information
  2. Provides a platform from which business owners can highlight features and services, and reinforce brand recognition by adding photos and logos
  3. Entice customers with deals that can be seen in Bing search results, on mobile devices and on the business’s Facebook page

Best of all, the Bing Business Portal is free.

There are two basic ways to get started. If the business was listed on the Bing Local Listing Center (LLC), they can claim their listing and get started. If not, businesses can start from scratch here.


To claim an existing listing, click on the link on the local listing page or visit the Bing Business Portal page and claim the listing via phone or PIN.


From there, businesses can add all of the fun features that help potential customers make better informed decisions. Add logos, photos, hours and payment options. Speak multiple languages? Mention it. Preferred parking? Highlight it. Does the business cross over into multiple categories? Select them. Then add links to the business Website, Facebook page and Twitter URL.


Restaurants and pubs can upload menus—and also have the option to create a mobile menu that customers can view from their mobile devices. They can even add categories and keywords to help refine the search and generate traffic.


And, because customers love a great deal, the Bing Business Portal enables business owners to create discount coupons, promotions or rebates. Simply use the Deal Editor to specify a category, a type (dollar amount, dollars off, percentage off, etc.) and add some descriptive information to help sell it in—like photos, an expiration date and disclaimer information—and then promote it for free on Bing search results, as well as on the business’s listing page and its Facebook page.


Any business that has a deal also will be highlighted on the Bing desktop search results, as well as the deal tab from the Bing for Mobile homepage.





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