Posted by: kurtsh | April 18, 2011

BETA: Office 365 now available in beta – sign up now!

imageWanna check out Office 365? 

It’s now available in Beta form – just sign up at the URL below. 

Office 365 provide customers with the following application services… hosted in Microsoft’s datacenters:

  1. Exchange Online 2010
  2. Sharepoint Online 2010
  3. Lync Online 2010

Additionally, as part of SharePoint Online 2010, the following web-based applications are available:

  1. Word Web Access
  2. Excel Web Access
  3. PowerPoint Web Access
  4. OneNote Web Access

Office 365 takes the pain out of application service delivery for your company.  All the major IT management & maintenance headaches become Microsoft’s job – not yours – allowing you to concentrate on administration tasks focused on your business.

  1. ALWAYS AVAILABLE.  How does built-in redundancy sound to you?  Most companies don’t or CAN’T plan or budget for clusters or failover availability but with Office 365, everything is geo-clustered by default. 
  2. ALWAYS PATCHED.  No more “patch Tuesday” for you.  We take care of the patching process.  Your services always run with the latest patches & security updates. 
  3. ALWAYS SECURED.  Worry not.  Your services config, ports, and architecture are locked down & constantly reviewed with the same security practices, technology, & processes that Microsoft’s best & biggest Office 365 customers have including Coca Cola & JP Morgan.
  4. ALWAYS BACKED UP.  Tired of budgeting & planning for backup?  Kiss backup licenses, storage/tape, schedules, and services goodbye with Office 365.  We keep everything backed up at regular intervals to disk to ensure high speed recovery along with 24×7 phone support when you need to “get that document back”.
  5. ALWAYS PROTECTED.  Worrying about antivirus/antispam is a thing of the past.  Leveraging Microsoft’s industry leading Forefront Security for Sharepoint, Exchange, and Lync Services, along with Forefront Online Protection for Exchange, protection services for all your Enterprise applications are taken care of.  No extra charge.
  6. ALWAYS SCALABLE.  Forget about having to “buying more servers for the farm”.  You’re using Microsoft’s massive Office 365 implementation now, which provides near limitless scalability that will grow as your business grows.
  7. ALWAYS AD-INTEGRATED.  Can you say “single sign-on”?  With Active Directory Federation Services support, users login to their workstations in the morning and NEVER have to log in to any Office 365 services.  Passthrough authentication:  It’s beautiful thing.
  8. ALWAYS MOBILE.  No need to ‘mobile-ify’ your services.  It’s already been done for you with Office 365, providing mobile synchronization for phones to Exchange, mobile access to SharePoint services, etc.
  9. ALWAYS GUARANTEED.  Money.  That’s right.  99.9% FINANCIALLY BACKED Service Level agreements.  Documented.  And none of this, “We’ll give you service credit B.S.”  If something goes down, we write checks.


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