Posted by: kurtsh | February 19, 2011

TOOL: System Restore Manager 2.0 for Windows 7

imageLee Wittington, one of the guys at the Windows Club, produced a tool that provides frankly better management of the Windows 7 System Restore function than the native Control Panel user interface.

Leveraging existing Windows APIs, the System Restore Manager v2.0 tool provides a graphical way of:

  • Creating Restore Points
  • Deleting individual Restore Points
  • Restoring the system to a Restore Point
  • Writing Restore Points to a different drive
  • Changing the max space used for Restore Points
  • Changing the frequency of restore point snapshots
  • Changing the length of time a restore point is kept

TOOL:  System Restore Manager 2.0

POST:  Managing Restore Points with System Restore Manager 2.0


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