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NEWS: “Windows Thin PC” – the next generation of Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs

imageA week ago, we announced “Windows Thin PC”, the next version of “Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs”… for volume licensing customers with Software Assurance on Windows Client.

Windows Thin PC provides a special, scaled down configuration of Windows Embedded 7 for installation on existing older PCs.  The operating system is light and designed to operate on lower end machines while still providing all the traditional manageability of a Windows desktop – including compatibility with:

  • Optional Components at install
    • Internet Explorer 8.0
    • Windows Media Player
  • Local installs of Allowed Microsoft Applications
    • Desktop management agents – like SCCM2007R2
    • Windows Firewall
    • Anti-virus software – like Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010
    • .NET Framework
    • Office Viewers
  • Allowed 3rd party ISV apps
    • Thin client software like Remote Desktop Connection or Citrix Receiver
    • Terminal Emulation products
    • Java Virtual Machines
    • Acrobat Reader
    • etc.

I believe that it’s benefits are identical to that of its predecessor except with a much richer code base being that WinFLP, the previous version of Windows Thin PC, was based on Windows XP Embedded SP3… and of course WinTPC is based on Windows Embedded 7.

  • Minimal Deployment Curve
    • Works with existing admin tools & client utilities
    • Same security & management infrastructure
  • Minimized hardware requirements on CPU/memory/disk
    • Increases performance of client-facing apps
    • Decreases workstation security risks, data loss concerns
  • Optional apps allow org-specific customization
    • Windows terminals… through Remote Desktop/Citrix
      (The client will still require appropriate Terminal Client licensing)
    • Web-based kiosks… through IE 8.0
    • Media kiosk… through Windows Media Player

To reiterate – this is ONLY for use by volume licensed customers with Software Assurance on Windows Client.  This is typically a 3 year or more spread payment contract between a volume license customer and Microsoft for the use of the currently released revision of the Window OS. (And any past releases that are supported)

It should be available for download from the Microsoft Connect test site later in the first calendar quarter of 2011.

More about WinTPC is written here:


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