Posted by: kurtsh | November 9, 2010

NEWS: 30 MORE apps from the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace!

And the apps just keep coming.  It’s amazing what Windows Phone 7 developers have been doing with Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight, and XNA.  The ‘canvas’ paradigm that’s used that provides the sidescrolling looks just fantastic on products like Fandango,, and Kelley Bluebook.

Approaching 2000, these are some of the more recent apps that got added to the marketplace.  And they look gorgeous!


Halo: Waypoint, Slingplayer, Netflix, Weather Channel, Max & the Magic Marker, Tetris


Fandango, de blob, Slacker Radio, Guitar Hero 5, Earthworm Jim, Need for Speed Undercover


DirecTV, TED, Daily Dilbert, RedBull TV, Police Scanner 7,


YouTube, Last.FM, i heart radio, lyrics,, Shazam


Photobucket, Photo Caption, Craigster,, Kelley Blue Book, WeatherBug


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