Posted by: kurtsh | November 8, 2010

NEWS: 30 apps from the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace!

I love how our partners applications are so rich and have so much personality, while still staying within some fundamental UI conventions like the horizontal sliding canvas, dynamic tiles, vertical scrolling, tap-and-holding menus, etc.

What’s even more amazing is that this is some of what we’re launching!  Can’t wait until devs really get going with the Windows Phone 7…


Yelp, Where, Travelocity, Uno LIVE, The SIMS 3, Flight Control


Star Wars: Battle for Hoth, Monopoly, The Harvest, Rocket Riot, Pictures Lab, Craigslist 7


iFood Assistant Plus, BarBuddy, Newsroom (RSS), xkcd, MSN Money Stocks, Stocks

 clip_image008FourSquare, Twitt, Seesmic, Facebook, tickWell, Community Megaphone


Adobe Reader, National Geographic World Atlas, eBay, Yellowpages, Tesco Real Food, WootTracker7


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