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NEWS: No-cost Online Test Tool for PARTNERS developing Windows or Windows Server apps

Microsoft Platform Ready - find out what's new

We’ve made some changes to Microsoft Platform Ready (formerly Front Runner) and added a host of new features to help you develop and promote your solutions.

imageNo-cost Online Test Tool
We’ve made application testing simpler and faster. Sign-in, and head to the test tab on your MPR dashboard to access the latest testing tools. Use our no-cost online tests for:

  • Windows® 7
  • Windows Server® 2008 R2
  • Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 R2
  • Windows Azure™ Platform
  • Microsoft Dynamics™ 2011
  • Microsoft Exchange 2010 + Microsoft Lync™ 2010

Plus, test results can now automatically be sent to the Microsoft Partner Network if you’re a Microsoft Partner. Applications that pass testing for Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Azure Platform will automatically qualify for the ‘Works with Windows Server 2008 R2’ or the ‘Powered by Windows Azure’ logo respectively. You can use results from Microsoft Platform Ready testing you to qualify for Microsoft Partner Network Competencies. Find out more here.

Spread the word about your app
Post application development updates to Facebook and Twitter and get your apps out in the msdev community, including auto-tweet and auto-post capabilities. Here’s how:

  1. Sign-in to MPR as usual
  2. Go to ‘Edit profile’
  3. Add your twitter address and Facebook username
  4. Check the box that says, "I want Microsoft to promote my company in Facebook and Twitter social media pages"
  5. Once you’ve added your Facebook information, you can click the Facebook logo next to your application in the dashboard to let the world know about your solution*.

Now you can let the world know about your application through Facebook and Twitter.

* Only available to Microsoft Partners

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