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INFO: SharePoint 2010 Governance

imageThis is a topic common to most of my customers:  Our Sharepoint site needs to be better maintained.  What sort of processes should we put into play to make sure our site stays under control?

Enter governance.

SharePoint 2010 Governance
Governance is a key component to ensuring the success of your SharePoint 2010 deployment, and one we frequently get asked about it as we travel to conferences and events. Represented by a set of established processes, procedures, and stakeholders, a well designed and implemented governance plan promotes adoption, ensures participation, and maximizes ROI.  By using the governance techniques, best practices, and recommendations available below, you can align your policies for using SharePoint 2010 with your culture and goals while still enabling teams and individuals to effectively collaborate and share information.

  • Resource Center  (IT Governance, Information Management, Application Management)
  • ALM Resource Center | SharePoint 2010
  • Whitepaper: SharePoint 2010 Governance Planning
  • Whitepaper: Implementing Governance in SharePoint 2010
  • Whitepaper: SharePoint Server 2010 Operations Framework and Checklists
  • Publication:  Essential SharePoint 2010: Overview, Governance, and Planning (Addison-Wesley Microsoft Technology Series
  • Virtual Lab: Configuring Tenant Administration on SharePoint Server 2010
  • Virtual Lab: Monitoring SharePoint 2010
  • Solutions: Active Directory Domain Services Markers
  • Solutions: Quotas
  • Solutions: Locks
  • Solutions: Self-Service Site Creation

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