Posted by: kurtsh | November 4, 2010

TOOL: Image Resizer 2.11 for Windows 7/Vista

imageAs taken from the web site:

This is a clone of the Image Resizer Powertoy for Windows XP — a PowerToy that allows you to right-click on one or more image files in Windows Explorer to resize them. It was created (by me) to extend support to non-XP and 64-bit versions of Windows (including 2000, Vista & 7).

This is a tool identical in every way to the original Powertoy for Windows XP that accomplished the same task.  The codebase is completely different however.  (Likely for legal reasons – see below) 

Resizing photos for the purposes of email distribution or web publication is now very easy within Windows 7 – and works in batches through the Explorer UI using this simple tool. 

imageIt should be noted that Brice, the author, is a Microsoft employee.  If you’ve noticed, we at Microsoft haven’t released any Powertoys in a very long time but lots of tools have been publicly released on Codeplex.  My suspicion is that Brice was the original writer of the Image Resizer Powertoy (I’m too lazy to look it up internally) and it was simply easier for Brice to publish the app through Codeplex (after a rewrite using a NEW non-Microsoft published codebase) than to go through our legal gauntlet every time he published a version.  Publishing to Codeplex in many respects, separate from Microsoft, is likely the way all “powertoy” like tools have gone.


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