Posted by: kurtsh | October 31, 2010

NEWS: Microsoft to acquire Canesta, 3D imaging & Gesture Capture innovators

imageNew York Times is reporting on our agreement to acquire Canesta, as is Engadget:

From what I’ve read, Canesta (and it’s some 47 patents) provides good 3D camera visualization but it’s completely different from how Kinect’s camera and ultimately PrimeSense & 3DV’s technology works today.  It’s roots are in car’s rear view cameras and autodetecting specifically defined objects in real time to, say, avoid people, pets, and other items when backing up extremely quickly.  Check out their list of public clients:

PrimeSense & 3DV’s technology depends on conventional, everyday, low-cost image sensors whereas the Canesta depends on proprietary, patented image sensors and most importantly, a proprietary type of pixel to define the image.  The pixel is extremely sensitive to movement however has historically been large in size, resulting in lower image resolution than other technologies.

Either way, it’s clear that the future of motion & image sensing at Microsoft for both Xbox 360 & Windows is rich with opportunity.  Minority Report, anyone?


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