Posted by: kurtsh | August 1, 2010

INFO: The World’s Largest Photo – 70 Billion Pixel shot of Budapest using Silverlight

image This is pretty insane.  It’s a 70Gpixel shot of Budapest using a combination of Silverlight, Microsoft Deep Zoom, and Windows Azure, Microsoft’ cloud computing offering.

Panoramic photography is the new buzz, getting worldwide recognition as we speak. Audiences love its immersiveness—the way it transports you into places never visited or inaccessible by any means other than your computer screen Gigapixel photographs are capable of displaying environments and artwork in unprecedented detail. The gigapixel photographs of two paintings (by Csontváry Kosztka Tivadar and Rippl-Rónai József; courtesy of the Hungarian National Gallery) recently displayed on our website resulted in 10,000 unique page views within a week—such is the magnetism of extreme detail. We are all about promotig this technology locally as well as internationally. We wanted to make a statement—a professionally challenging one with substantial entertainment value to boot. Hence the of making a high definition spherical panorama.


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