Posted by: kurtsh | July 29, 2010

INFO: Introducing the Microsoft Enterprise CAL Suite for 2010 (i.e. Wave 14)

image Microsoft recently introduced the new “Enterprise CAL Suite” for volume licensed businesses, a special per user or per device ‘mega-license’ that permits the usage of a massive number of Microsoft technologies at one extremely attractive cost.

For those of you that are into saving licensing costs for software, this has to be one of the most attractive deals out there for customers looking to consolidate licensing, support, and maintenance under a single umbrella.

The following is a chart that ‘simplifies’ what is available in the Microsoft Enterprise CAL Suite for 2011:

This is a ‘simplified’ chart because it actually lists two additional “suite” products WITHIN the Enterprise CAL Suite itself.  I repeat:  That’s TWO SUITES, within the SUITE.  These are:

  • System Center Client Management Suite, which contains:
    • Operations Manager for Clients
    • Data Protection Manager for Clients
    • Service Manager
  • Forefront Protection Suite, which contains:
    • Forefront Client Security
    • Forefront Protection for Exchange
    • Forefront Security for Sharepoint
    • Forefront Security for Office Communications
    • Forefront Online Protection for Exchange 2010
    • Forefront Threat Management Gateway Web Protection Service

For more information about these products, check the following web site:

For a DETAILED view of every license in the Enterprise CAL Suite as well as an explanation of each license’s function, download this 12 page document:


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