Posted by: kurtsh | December 22, 2008

HOWTO: Reset Outlook’s connections to the Exchange Server without restarting

Have you ever had Outlook 2007 lockup on you? 
Did you believe that it had something to do with the inability to connect to Exchange?

It turns out that you can force a reconnection to the Exchange Servers in your company when it locks up. The feature is buried in the bowels of Outlook however:

1) Press simultaneously Ctrl  + Right Click on the Outlook icon on the Windows system tray multiple times until you get the Outlook “special” menu.


2) On the special menu, click on “Connection status …”.
You get a modeless dialog box that shows the connection status, plus a Reconnect button that can be used to unlock Outlook whenever it gets completely unresponsive.


A coworker tells me that you should review the numbers in the Requests/Failures column.  Notice the high number of “Fail”. On average, the percentage of failures is > 50% when the system is working

This hidden tool is fantastic in understanding why Outlook has gone unresponsive on you.  At least now you can tell if it’s a directory issue, something having to do with public folders or simply your mail store.

(Thanks to Eugene Siu for the original post)

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