Posted by: kurtsh | December 21, 2008

DOWNLOAD: Windows Search Indexer Gadget v1.2

image Interesting… “Brandon” updated his Windows Search Indexer Gadget in October.  Since there’s no “check for new versions” capability in his gadget, I didn’t know that he’d revised in a couple months ago on 10/5/2008 to version 1.2.

This is one of the most useful gadgets I’ve had in a while because it provides visibility into what the Windows Search indexing engine is doing, and equally important, it provides the ability to CONTROL or THROTTLE the CPU resource usage of the indexing engine.

You can STOP the engine from the Vista Sidebar, START the engine up again at it’s normal speed, or you can throw it into overdrive by setting the priority of the service to high, disabling the ‘back off’ functionality of the indexer to complete indexing quicker, and restarting the service.  Great for… say if you have to reindex your whole Outlook mail store again and you have 6GB of mail to do.

Don’t ask.


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