Posted by: kurtsh | July 15, 2008

RELEASE: Samsung i760 Windows Mobile 6.1 Update

OMG!  The Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade appears to be available for the Samsung i760.

(as found on PDAPhoneHome at

mobile-phone_SCH-i760_features_kv What’s New: (as per the forums of 7/14/08)

  • Ability to Read/Write to micro SDHC Cards
  • Bluetooth Pairing is automatic doesn’t ask for a passcode (unless you have a custom on set)
  • Customer Feedback to send usage data back to Microsoft 
  • Getting Started directions added instead of help
  • Remote Desktop Mobile included by default
  • Task Manager changes to show CPU usage and it appears to show all running processes not just programs
  • OneNote Mobile added to the Office Mobile Programs
  • Automatic detection of Exchange Server Settings
  • Overall Performance seems to have improved a bit, a lot less waiting for programs to open (this may just be due to the reset of my device, but I have done the reset before and I could swear it took me longer in the past to reload everything)
  • SMS Text message threading with Spell Checker
  • Managed programs added
  • Bluetooth issue when in call corrected
  • Domain enrollment
  • VPN connections now work without WiFi
  • Wifi search for networks will now list all networks within range
  • Default signature of Sent from my Windows Mobile® phone.
  • You can switch to view processes in task manager

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