Posted by: kurtsh | July 15, 2008

NEWS: Microsoft to acquire Zoomix for SQL Server technology

Logo We officially agreed to acquire Zoomix, a company that focuses on “data quality technology”. 

Data quality is the concept of automating the process of ensuring data stored in repositories across multiple locations is accurate to allow for quality decision making.

Zoomix makes a product called Zoomix Acceleartor that combines semantic & linguistic analysis with machine learning to “classify, match and standardize complex corporate data”.

Microsoft’s plan to add automated data-quality technology to its database product, especially to the data-entry workflow, could greatly help the overall quality of data and reduce errors and inconsistencies, Ptak said. "You want to correct it as early in the stream as you can," he said. 

Zoomix’s development team will join the SQL Server team at Microsoft’s research and development center in Israel, according to Zoomix.

Read more at Zoomix’s web site:


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