Posted by: kurtsh | March 26, 2008

BETA: Microsoft Task Market (Tech Preview)

clip_image002Task Market is now live and looking for users! 

Microsoft Task Market is a new online marketplace where businesses can connect with and hire skilled freelancers in graphic design, writing and editing,  translation, and more.  Freelancers that sign up with Task Market can expand their client base and put their great skills to use.  It’s as easy for businesses to post jobs as it is for freelancers to apply for them and start working. Task Market is also integrated with PayPal for hassle-free online payments.

Task Market is looking for people to try out the site and send us feedback.  As a tech preview, users have the chance to really have their voices heard.  Do you know of a small business that could use freelance talent or a freelancer looking for work?   If so, please tell them about Task Market. We’d love to hear what they think.

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