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REPORT: 2007 Information Security Survey Reveals 45% of Departing Employees Take Data

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Nearly half of professionals across a broad range of industries have taken data with them-anything from documents and lists to sales proposals and contracts-when they’ve left a job. Download the "Information Security Survey on Internal Threats," and read about these key findings:

  • More than half the respondents believe the competition is stealing their IP.
  • Nearly a third of respondents believe more than half of their company’s data is at risk.
  • Employees are turning to inefficient means of protecting electronic information.

Download report here by signing up at Liquid Machines
(Liquid Machines is a partner of Microsoft and experts on Digital Intellectual Property protection.) 

Um… hello?  Anyone heard of Microsoft Rights Management?  Rights Management is a really incredible technology that protects intellectual property by both encrypting it and restricting end-user usage.  It also allows users to "classify" content so that an appropriate usage policy is automatically applied to it and it can work on ANY file, email, or web page.

Microsoft Rights Management Services can:

  • Encrypt Word, Excel, & Powerpoint documents and keep them encrypted even when copied to CDROM/USB drive
  • Encrypt emails from Outlook, and prevent them from being edited or forwarded to others
  • Encrypt web pages and keep them encrypted even when stored in IE caches
  • Restrict emails/document/web page usage to prevent users from "printing", "sharing", "cut & pasting", "screen capturing", etc. data from the doc/page when being viewed
  • ‘Timebomb’ or expire information so that it is unusable after a certain date/time
  • Automatically protect data that is posted to Sharepoint sites
  • Provide individual per user or per security group permissions on how information can be used
  • Require data be ONLY visible/readable on corporate PCs on a corporate network
  • Provide a log of who accessed a document and otherwise provide a trace of usage
  • Apply all the same permissions to Acrobat PDF files, Project files, and other file times when a 3rd party like Liquid Machines is used.


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