Posted by: kurtsh | August 3, 2007

TOOLS: A funny tool for Systems Management Server 2003

Have you ever wanted a programmatic way of opening or closing the CDROM drive tray of a computer?  Better yet, wouldn’t it be funny to open the drive tray of someone ELSE’S computer?  Most people don’t expect their computer to move on it’s own. 

I’ve had this tool called CDOPENER since back in 1997.  (It used to be called "Coffee Cup Holder":  That’s a joke for your old timers.)  It’s essentially a set of three tools that when executed do different things re: the CDROM tray on a PC:

  • Open the CDROM tray
  • Close the CDROM tray
  • Open then close the CDROM tray

Basically, if you push this out to a person’s computer and you have their CCM or SMS client configured to check for new software installs frequently (like every 5 minutes) in 5 minutes you can expect to hear that person’s CDROM tray open up on them.  Or better yet, open & close on them.

Try this a couple times on your own PC and tell me it doesn’t make you chuckle a little.



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