Posted by: kurtsh | March 26, 2007

NEWS: .NET dominating Geographical Mapping Application Development

This is a quote from Steve Lombardi, mapping application developer & program manager extraordinaire: 

It’s not all glowing praise, [referring to the article referenced below] but one point is clear – .NET has won by a landslide in GIS [geographic information system] application development. ESRI [a leading GIS software vendor] held their dev con last week which draws 2500 or so devs each year (the ESRI user conf draws about 15,000 attendees). I’ve seen a number of bloggers report that this conference has turned into a .NET sig in recent years, and this year the number of attendees interested in Java development could ‘fit in a small kitchen’.

Excerpt from the article Steve referenced –

It’s clear everyone is programming in .NET these days. Sessions like "Developing AJAX ADF applications in .NET" packed in well over three hundred people. The equivalent session for Java desktop development could easily have been held in a small kitchen.

Between sessions people were encouraged to hang out in the "Meeting Center", an amply-caffeinated room where ESRI programmers made themselves available for chatting after their talks. IBM sponsored a "Java Lounge" for like-minded Java programmers to buzz about and get excited. The one time we saw anyone there I had to take a picture — and I swear he was reading want ads.



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