Posted by: kurtsh | March 23, 2007

TOOL: SoftGrid Migration Tool Express v0.6 (3rd party)

This is interesting.  It appears to be a GUI interface to script the conversion of Windows Installer .MSI files to SoftGrid Sequencer .SFT files.  The command line tools for generating .SFT files have always been around however it’s the first time I’ve seen someone write a GUI for conversions.

Be aware that even when you do a .MSI conversion, you’ll need to test the resulting package for functionality on the destination workstation, and also that this may be OS dependent.

Oh yeah – and it’s FREE.

SoftGrid Migration Tool Express v0.6
The SoftGrid Migration Tool is an add-on for the native SoftGrid Sequencer created by Dennis Damen & Rodney Medina.  The purpose of the SoftGrid Migration Tool is to help you “convert” existing automated application setups to SoftGrid Virtualized Applications (aka streams or sequences) with the least possible amount of user intervention. Freeware!


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