Posted by: kurtsh | November 16, 2006

RELEASE: Microsoft Voice Command 1.6 quietly RTMs

Microsoft Voice Command,  the award-winning voice recognition software developed with technology created by Microsoft Research, has released version 1.6 of their product.

Voice Command, if you’ve ever used it has AMAZINGLY accurate yet light-weight (Read:  Low memory/CPU requirements) voice recognition for the purposes of the Windows Mobile operating system. 

Voice Command 1.6 retail for Windows Mobile 5.0+ will be available for download via soon.  Voice Command 1.6 may also ship as part of next-generation Windows Mobile devices in ROM.

Key changes in this release:

  1. Bluetooth hands free support. Users can initiate Voice Command interactions and receive system notifications using a Bluetooth headset or select Bluetooth hands free car kit.  New acoustic models designed for 8kHz audio and Bluetooth audio improve recognition quality on many devices and for Bluetooth headset.
  2. Retail availability for Smartphone devices for the first time
  3. Spoken incoming email announcements
  4. Support for A2DP/HFP combo headsets and improved Media experience


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