Posted by: kurtsh | November 16, 2006

INFO: Managing IIS 7.0 with Windows Powershell

Interested in future IIS management?  Check out the Channel 9 video in the link from the IIS Blog.
Great introduction to the manageability improvements with IIS7 and Powershell.

Managing IIS7 with Powershell, Big Hit at ITForum!

On its own, IIS7 already has a great management story.  The new Web server ships with a totally rewritten IIS Manager GUI tool, a new consolidated APPCmd.exe command line utility, and a new more consistent WMI Provider.   Admins can granularly delegate management rights for the new Web server and they can manage with the GUI tool remotely over HTTP.  However, some things are just better together, as in the case of IIS7 and Windows Powershell, as ITForum attendees saw yesterday in Barcelona. 

Powershell is the new shell scripting interface that is set to replace Command Prompt in upcoming releases of Windows Vista and Windows Server.  During Bob Muglia’s keynote address kicking off ITForum, Jeffery Snover, chief architect of Powershell, demonstrated how much easier Web farm management can be using Powershell to configure several IIS7 severs at once.  The demo was a big hit with the audience and press (see David Fearon‘s article at partly because a PHP application was used in the demonstration.  Fearon writes, “The underlying message is clear: IIS 7 on Longhorn can run your applications faster than Apache on Linux.”

A video of this demo can be found here on Channel 9. has also just released this great article that provides a brief tour of using Powershell to manage IIS7, as well as an in-depth article on how to write PowerShell cmd-lets for IIS7.  Finally, check out this blog post to hear what IIS Product Unit Manager, Bill Staples, has to say about Powershell for IIS7 users.


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