Posted by: kurtsh | September 20, 2006

OFFER: Stream TV to your Windows Mobile phone or Laptop… $149

Wanna stream your home TV to your Windows Mobile Smartphone or Pocket PC Phone…
Or maybe just to your laptop at work…
Or maybe you want to trasmit the picture to your bathroom so you can watch while you’re in the tub…
Would you like to be able to change the channels remotely? 
Or maybe watch something prerecorded on your TiVo or Windows XP Media Center?

Slingbox does all of this.  And now you have no excuse not to buy one. 

Amazon’s set the price at $149.  This is so sick it’s crazy:  I bought the two that I own for $199.  What’s so amazing about this (in case y’all are goin’, "Why’s he tripping out over a $50 price drop) is the fact that the electronics in a Slingbox are worth WAY WAY WAY more than $149.   There’s a hardware based encoding chip in the unit that takes the audio/video image and converts it on the fly to a Windows Media 9 stream – this alone is usually worth several hundred dollars.  Add to that the programmable ROM for the networking & the IR transmitting, then add to that the Ethernet adapter, the S-Video/Composite/Stereo ports, and all that gear.  All this electronic value for a mere $149… and to think it might disappear off the market because of a lawsuit.  Buy it!  Do it now!

Buy here:  SlingMedia Slingbox $149

(Thanks to my friend Steph for pointing this out.  I would give her props by linking to her site… if she had a web site or a blog or even a MySpace page or whatever.  But she doesn’t.  Feh.  And she calls herself "technical".)


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