Posted by: kurtsh | September 20, 2006

BLOG: Windows Vista Secrets (a.k.a. Tim Sneath’s blog)

Tim Sneath, a Windows Vista Evangellist, has a blog that he posts cool stuff that he knows about Windows Vista.  I don’t write about too many other people’s blogs but Tim’s got my attention because it’s got a lot of stuff in there from a very smart guy who clearly knows his job.

Tim Sneath’s Blog

BTW:  If you haven’t installed at LEAST Windows Vista Release Candidate 1 into a Virtual PC machine by now, you’re definitely not a techie geek.  Heck, you’re not even a wanna-be techie.  Hang up your pocket protector, drop your asthma inhaler, and turn in your "techie" credentials.  And feed the "I’m busy" line to someone who’ll listen.  Congratulations on being ordinary.



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