Posted by: kurtsh | August 23, 2006

RELEASE: Microsoft “Habu” Laser Gaming Mouse

We finally announced the Habu.  Habu’s a gaming mouse that we’ve designed in tandem with Razer, a gaming peripherals IHV that builds some really awesome controllers and keyboards.

 It’s a good bet that the Habu will be a favorit for a lot of people in the upcoming holiday season because once you use it and get the feel for its precision and orientation (the 2000ndpi control resolution – Razer’s own technology – is wicked enough on its own) you probably won’t want to go back to anything less.

This won’t be a mouse for your laptop though unless you plan to be plugged in 24/7.  Because it’s designed to minimize latency (yes, there are gamers that can seriously tell these sort of little delays) the thing is consistently tapping power and otherwise "always on".

The weird thing about the mouse is that it really smoothly moves across surfaces.  They talk about some special teflon feet that they use and it really shows.  The sucker can be pushed across a table like a air hockey puck.

The programmability is great.  7 buttons that can be programmed on the fly using a heads up tool, with as many as 5 different profiles, for 5 different games.  Hmmm.  One for Counterstrike, one for Quake 4, one for Prey, one for Age 2, one for LOTR1, one for Halo PC, one for… uh… waitaminute.  Damn.…


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