Posted by: kurtsh | August 23, 2006

DOWNLOAD: Tag Insertion Tool for Windows Live Writer

Okay, now this is cool.  It’s a plug in for Windows Live Writer that makes it easy to insert tags. 

Tags, for those of you not familiar with the term, is how an author of a web site categorizes the content on their site.  It’s a self-declaratory form of announcing to the world that the content of the page (or blog entry in this case) is relevant to a specific topic, such as, "Microsoft" or "Xbox" or "Blogging".

Normally people do this in HTML code but this has made the process of adding said tags easier for the end user.  I like this for no other reason than the purpose of Windows Live Writer is to obscure all the complexity of blogging and HTML and this is just another way of doing just that.  People can get their site indexed and categorized by Technorati or whatever dimensioning site they use publicizing their content.…


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