Posted by: kurtsh | July 2, 2006

NEWS: “Windows Live Spaces” – MSN Spaces evolved

MSN Spaces is changing to meet not only the new branding of the services but also the new features coming in the next revision of our blogging & online sharing community.
Here’s a list of some of the features coming… and I’ve seen a bunch of other stuff coming, so don’t go thinking that this is all there is!
The breadcrumb trail makes it easy for visitors to jump back in the history of pages that they’ve looked at on a Windows Live Space
Space Content
With quick links to a person’s profile, music, blogs, and photos, they can easily navigate through a Windows Live Space.
Photos & Commenting
Sharing is important – you can upload personal photos that can be viewed easily within the space.  The feature allows uploading up to 500 photos a month and allows visitors to comment on the photos to share their reactions.
By incorporating Windows Live Messenger as part of a space, users can show contacts & friends on their spaces.  A gleam shows which of their friends spaces have been updated.


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