Posted by: kurtsh | June 16, 2006

NEWS: And speaking of Billg…

Well, the other shoe dropped today.  Billg announced his intent to scale down his role at Microsoft to work on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  SteveB said to the troops this afternoon that Billg will likely go down as the world’s greatest philanthopist, and I’m sure he’s right:  He will raise the level of education in the US through his innovative school programs while saving millions of people through the foundation’s projects to build roads & water wells, provide vaccinations, and fund HIV research in 3rd world countries.
Billg won’t be leaving any time soon – this is all slated for 2 years down the road in 2008, and even then he will be part time.  He will continue to be the chairman of the company AND he will work on key projects.  He said that he’d probably find that some weeks he’d work the whole week and other weeks not so much.
His current role as Chief Software Architect will be filled by Ray Ozzie. Craig Mundie will take over his role as overseer of MS Research and Intellectual Property development.  There was some other movement but nothing too surprising or too sudden.
Anyway, he’s not going away.  They’re just creating a succession plan for our executive management.
Channel 9 Interview with Billg & SteveB here:


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