Posted by: kurtsh | June 15, 2006

VIDEO: Proof that Billg’s not the only one that has difficulties with on-stage demos during his keynotes

This is a compilation of Steve Job’s numerous Apple keynote "issues".  It was originally encoded in Quicktime but I converted it to Windows Media and published it to Putfile.  I figured doing so would probably broaden the audience for the video just a tad <ahem>, considering it was virtually impossible to view without having to install Quicktime version 7.1 and the their new codec.  Yecch. 
Anyway, I thought you’d enjoy seeing this.
The Sony exec is hilarious.  And when Jobs silently sends a stern message to his tech staff when he throws the non-functioning digital camera to/at them, during the non-functional camera plug & play demo… again, ROFLtastic.
So for the record, Billg’s not the only one that encounters difficulties during his keynote speeches.


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