Posted by: kurtsh | May 26, 2006

COMMENTARY: “Why don’t I post every training opportunity on this site?”

I was recently asked by a customer, "Why don’t you post every training opportunity on my blog?  Why do I send direct email still?  Don’t I trust the RSS feed generated by my blog?"
The answer is relatively simple:
Yes, I DO know about a lot of training and hands-on-lab opportunities that I do not post to this blog.  The reason I choose not to post them however is because they either have limited space available to them, they’re very expensive, or they are targeted toward a very specific group/type of individuals.
For example: 
1) We have a 3-day hands-on-lab event coming up focusing on Management tools, Server Monitoring, and Virtualization technologies.  The class is very comprehensive, very technical, and very expensive.  And seating is limited.
2) We have an executive discussion coming up on Enterprise Project Management at a very posh location.  The attendees for this event are supposed to be VP level and above.
3) We have a wine tasting event for customers coming up at a beachside location.  Again – this is invite only, therefore not something I’m posting on the blog.
So, if I mail you an invite for some event or training opportunity, there’s a good chance you’re one of only 30 odd folks that I’m sending it to.  My invite list for some of these other gigs isn’t very long.


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