Posted by: kurtsh | May 26, 2006

BETA: Microsoft Locale Builder Beta 2 (part 2)

So, why is this Locale Builder so interesting?  Outside of building dialect interfaces, try these:
1) Maybe you’d like to create your own personal Windows Vista locale for13375p34k, it’d be possible to create the US-1337 locale.  In fact, we’ve already done it.  Download it here.  (Remember – this is for Windows Vista ONLY.)
2) Or maybe you’d like to see a Klingon locale for the Windows Vista UI.  How about a Fizzle Shizzle locale?  These were some of the goofier ideas they had.
EDIT  5/30/2006:  Believe it or not, an SDE (Software Design Engineer) for Microsoft Locale Builder found this blog entry on the net – how, I have no idea – and corrected me on a point of fact.   Locale Builder does not enable the conversion of one word to another as in an early post of this entry.  The example I gave that was incorrect, was the potential conversion of the word "favorites" to "favourites".  which as the SDE points out: (refraining from using names in case he doesn’t want the exposure)
I just wanted to drop you a quick mail to clarify that we don’t provide functionality in Locale Builder to change the spelling of terms used in Windows Vista (e.g. such as “Favorites” -> “Favourites”)… that’s a terminology issue as opposed to a locale setting which is what our tool provides customization for.


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