Posted by: kurtsh | January 22, 2006

RELEASE: Enterprise MSN Search Toolbar 2.06 (Build 2058)

So, what about the MSN Search Toolbar?   As you may or may not have noticed, when you installed Enterprise Windows Desktop Search, it didn’t install the MSN Search Toolbar.  And when you installed MSN Search toolbar from the ‘’ web site, it comes with MSN Desktop Search… which collides with Enterprise Windows Desktop Search.

What you basically need to do is download and deploy the ENTERPRISE MSN SEARCH TOOLBAR.  We’ve released a special package with JUST the Search Toolbar for Internet Explorer so that both Desktop Search and Search Toolbar can coexist.  And just as with the Windows Desktop Search, we’ve also made it easy for customers to distribute the product Internationally using the MUI pack for it, and manage it using Active Directory Group Policy.

One reason you might be interested in this is because it’s really easy to set up "white lists" for the Pop Up Blocker… so that internal Enterprise web sites can provide authorized ‘pop ups’ and new windows that aren’t blocked by the toolbar.  This is managable using Group Policy.

MSN Search Toolbar v2.06

MSN Search Toolbar Multilanguage User Interface (MUI):

MSN Search Toolbar Group Policy .ADM file:
MSN Search Toolbar Administrator’s Guide:



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