Posted by: kurtsh | January 20, 2006

RELEASE: Enterprise Windows Desktop Search

We’ve released a new Enterprise product called Windows Desktop Search V02.06 (updated 3 Jan 2006*) for Windows XP.  It enables people to index and quickly search their desktops.  We’ve also made it easy for customers to distribute the product Internationally using the MUI pack for it, and manage it using Active Directory Group Policy.
This is a recommended update. This updated version can be installed over the previous version (V2.06.0000.2057) and will result in a rebuild of your index.
– Old version: V02.06.0000.2057 (release date: 15 Nov 2005)
– New version: V02.06.0000.2083 (release date: 3 Jan 2006)
Windows Desktop Search V02.06.0000.2083 downloads:
Windows Desktop Search Multilanguage User Interface (MUI):
Windows Desktop Search Group Policy .ADM file:
Windows Desktop Search Administrator’s Guide:


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