Posted by: kurtsh | November 21, 2005

RELEASE: XBox360… details.

If you want to get one of the 1st XBOX 360s (we will only ship 1M units in the US at launch) Here is how:


Option #1:  

Go to Zero Hour in the Palmdale desert and buy it there … one allocated to every attendee (if you were invited to go and have a pass).


Option #2:

If you preordered form EB Games or Gamestop and received confirmation, you are set and should get it shipped to you, or pick it up at the EB games celebration event @ Universal City Walk.


Option #3:

If you absolutely want to guarantee getting one at this juncture… and don’t mind dropping a $129 premium you can go to your Best Buy and sign up for the Geek Squad to come to your home and install your unit (that’s what the $129 is for… but it guarantees you will get a unit since you prepay for it and the service)

Otherwise wait in line for a Best Buy to open at 9:00 a.m. on the 22nd to get your unit. Allocations differ by Best Buy, and just to give you an idea of “the limitations” my local Best Buy in West LA is only getting 78 units total and I don’t know if all of them are the premium edition

Costa Mesa will have 120 of the $399 Xbox.  Fountain Valley will have about 60.  Tustin will have 40.  Fullerton will have about 60.

This is the Xbox360 locator:

Other sites to note: 


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