Posted by: kurtsh | October 26, 2005

NEWS: ZDnet – OpenOffice turns out

Oh man:  Straight from the publication organization that seemingly HATES us. 
The net-net of the evaluation is that OpenOffice 2.0 requires 10x the CPU & memory resources AND takes 10x as long to accomplish the same relative operations as Microsoft Office 2003.  Here’s an excerpt:
Performance analysis of OpenOffice and MS Office Posted by George Ou @ 3:21 am
"It doesn’t matter how fast the CPU is:  OpenOffice is simply bloated."
In my last blog, where I did a high-level technical evaluation of Microsoft Office 2003 and 2.0, I showed that OpenOffice was a memory and resource hog.  Contrary to popular belief (among Open Source advocates), Microsoft Office came out very lean and fast while Office Suite was just the opposite.  Some couldn’t accept the numbers and complained that the Task Manager numbers may be inaccurate and hiding memory usage.  They demanded more proof, so here it is.


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