Posted by: kurtsh | August 26, 2005

WEB: Add-ins for MSN Search Toolbar

Check this out.  It’s a site dedicated to add-ins for the MSN Search Toolbar.
This is where I believe we’re going to really see some uptake in MSN’s Search Toolbar and MSN Search in general.  If you look at the site, you’ll notice how easy they’ve made it for people to develop their own plug-ins and add-ins to the toolbar and in Microsoft tradition, we’re going to advertise these homegrown add-ins right on this web site.  This will be a fantastic way to get the things people want added into the toolbar.
One add in that we can anticipate seeing is an add-in that will help people mitigate phishing (or criminal’s way of sending people links in email or instant messaging that makes them believe they are visiting a legitimate web site that looks like but really sends them to to steal your personal information by duping you into entering it in under the auspices of "checking your account information".
The anti-phishing add in should be available in a few weeks.


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