Posted by: kurtsh | August 25, 2005

RELEASE: AVIcode .NET Management Pack Operations Edition for MOM2005

AVIcode .NET Management Pack Operations Edition
Do you have a need to monitor web services?  ASP.NET driven web sites?  .NET applications?  Boy have I got  a MOM2005 Management Pack for you – and it’s free!  (Obviously it requires Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 first and foremost)
Targeted to systems’ operators responsible for monitoring system health, AVIcode’s .NET Management Pack Operations Edition provides a consolidated view of all applications featuring simple health status indicators within the MOM 2005 Operator Console.  It also provides quick identification of faulty application components and performance hotspots, as well as manual or automatic routing of alert notifications to the appropriate application support team.
Feature List:
Real-time Error & Bottleneck Detection:
– Provides .NET application health monitoring
– No code modification needed to capture
 – Handled and unhandled exceptions
 – Performance degradation issues
– Monitors for events in
 – ASP.NET applications
 – Web Services
Detailed root-cause information
– Collects the complete call stack at the moment of failure
– Reports execution time for calls to OLEDB, ODBC, SQL, Oracle, Web Services, and .NET Remoting
– Consolidates events into alerts based on unique root cause
Enterprise Security
– Pushes information to administrators without compromising firewall security
Service Level Agreement Information
– Allows definition of SLA performance threshold settings


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