Posted by: kurtsh | February 23, 2005

What tools do I use to view this Blog?

I recently received the question:  Exactly what tools do you use to track Blogs and RSS Newsfeeds?  Good question – I primarily use THREE products:

NEWSGATOR – This is an Outlook 2003 add-in that allows you view RSS Newsfeeds (like mine) within Outlook, as if each entry were a email message.  It’s exceptionally cool because it provides you with a newspaper summary of the whole blog you’re interested in and it gets rid of all the advertising and all the graphics… just the information!  In order to subscribe to a new RSS newsfeed, all you have to do is use Internet Explorer 6.0 find the little orange "RSS" bug or graphic on a news/blog web page, right mouse button click on it, and you’ll see an entry called "Subscribe in Newsgator".  Click on it, and Internet Explorer will tell Newsgator to start sucking in all the news articles from the blog in question, and have them available to you offline within Outlook.  It’s a GREAT product. 

AVANTBROWSER – This is a Internet Explorer 6.0 add-in that provides tabbed browsing, a download manager, a graphic/video/audio/flash blocker, auto-refresh for tabs to update the screen every 30 seconds for stocks and stats, etc.  One of the capabilities is the ability to parse and present RSS feeds.  So for example, looks like a clean easy-to-read newspaper instead of a bunch of XML.  Great preview tool.

NEWSBREAK – This is a Pocket PC application that sucks in RSS newsfeeds so that you have them available to you on your mobile device.  There’s even a version for Smartphone.  It works via ActiveSync direct-connection to your desktop or laptop, over the WiFi connection on your Pocket PC if you’ve got one… or via the cellular connection on your Pocket PC Phone/Smartphone if you’ve got one.  I use it on my Pocket PC Phone and it updates throughout the day so I always have fresh content to read.  Better than AvantGo!


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