Posted by: kurtsh | February 23, 2005

COUNTRYWIDE: New case study featuring Tax Services

Congratulations to Countrywide Tax Services:  They’ve been published! 

Microsoft and Countrywide legal teams finally finished up dotting-the-I’s-and-crossing-the-T’s on the Tax Services case study around Microsoft’s Rules Engine/Business Orchestration engine "Biztalk Server 2004" and Microsoft’s development .NET development environment.  It’s a great case study with distinctly quantifiable savings.  Expect to see it referenced heavily in the financial industry as an example of thought leadership.

Countrywide Financial Corporation
Financial Services Firm Saves $1.7 Million, Speeds Development 50 Percent 

The Tax Services subsidiary of  Countrywide Financial Corporation was adding more than 100,000 new mortgage-customer tax records to its database every month—and stressing its AS/400 system capacity. A new AS/400 would be a prohibitive expense and still leave the unit without the flexibility and reliability it wanted. The company chose a solution based on Microsoft Windows Server System, including the Microsoft .NET Framework. The company achieved first-year savings of U.S.$1.7 million—more than 50 percent—and expects annual savings on maintenance of $500,000. The development team got up to speed in one-third the time it would have taken on competitor systems, and continuing development is up to 50 percent faster. As the company takes increasing advantage of Microsoft technologies—for example, adopting Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition (64-bit)—the solution’s performance continues to climb. 

See the case study on the web here:

Download the entire case study in Word format here:


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