imageThose of you who’ve updated your Microsoft/Nokia Lumia Windows Phone to the generic build of the Developer’s Preview of Windows Phone 8.1 may want to return to Windows Phone 8. 

This will be the case, for instance, when your wireless carrier publishes an official release of Windows Phone 8.1 for your device – like the Lumia Icon.  You’ll need to start with WP8 to get to the official release.

To begin, you’ll need to download the “Nokia Lumia Software Recovery Tool”.  This is available here:

It’s pretty self explanatory once the tool is downloaded and installed however if needed, the remaining instructions on how to accomplish this once downloaded are documented here:

imageToday, Microsoft has launched Outlook for iOS and a preview of Outlook for Android.

Outlook is a free email app that helps you get more done from anywhere with one unified view of your email, calendar, contacts, and attachments. Outlook automatically surfaces your most important messages – across all your email accounts.

Swipe to quickly delete, archive, or schedule messages you want to handle later. Easily view your calendar, share available times, and schedule meetings. And attach files from your email, OneDrive, or Dropbox with just a few taps.
Outlook works with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365,, iCloud, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail.

Why use Outlook?

  • Manage your inbox 
      • Outlook automatically triages your inbox for you, surfacing your most important email. Less relevant email is placed in your “Other” inbox.
      • Swipe to quickly delete, archive, or schedule messages.
      • Schedule emails and they will return to your inbox at a later time.
  • Your calendar built-in 
      • Switching between your email and calendar apps is a thing of the past. Outlook includes your calendar and notifies you with appointment reminders.
      • Find available meeting times and share them in email or schedule a meeting.
  • Attachments made easy 
      • View and attach any file from your email, OneDrive, Dropbox, and other accounts with just a few taps.
      • Send large files even if you haven’t downloaded them to your phone.
  • Find anything fast 
      • Filter your inbox to only show messages that are unread, flagged, or have attachments, with a single tap.
      • Quickly find the right messages, people and files by typing just a few letters.
      • Outlook shows people you communicate with most often, and lets you conveniently drill down to see all related emails, meetings and files.

For Outlook for iOS users, we’re developing the apps from the Acompli code base. (The acquisition we made a few months ago) You will see us continue to rapidly update the Outlook app, delivering on the familiar Outlook experience our customers know and love. To hear more about this journey, check out the Office Blog from new Outlook GM and former CEO of Acompli, Javier Soltero.

For more information:


Please note that support is only available in-device. Premier-level support is not enabled for this launch.

Premier customers looking for a mail solution that is supported at the Premier level, should use OWA for iPhone/iPad/Android.  OWA has some advanced O365 and Exchange Server features which are not yet available in Outlook.

imageFinally!  The OneDrive for Business for Mac & iOS Public Preview is released!

We know you have been waiting for this moment for a long time, and today we’re excited to announce new ways that you can access and manage your OneDrive for Business files from your Mac and iOS devices.

You can download the iOS app from the app store, and the Mac sync client preview from the Microsoft Download Center. For further details on today’s releases check out the OneDrive blog.

First look at the new Mac sync client & updated iOS app for OneDrive for Business
Posted by: kurtsh | January 27, 2015

HOWTO: Export data collected from your Microsoft Band

imageThe Microsoft Band collects data about you throughout the day as you wear it and through your phone or desktop, it uploads this data into the Microsoft Health service.  The $64 question is, “How do you get at that data?  How can you export it?”

Enter the “Unband Beta” application.

Unband is a 3rd party application for Windows that has the following features (as taken from the developer’s web site):

  1. Change Theme colours to arbitrary colours.
  2. Change Background to arbitrary backgrounds.
  3. Export all of your activity data from the Microsoft Health cloud service.
  4. Supports exporting GPX files for those of you who like viewing your runs elsewhere.

The app is a click-to-run .NET application that is actually about 6MB when it’s fully downloaded and installed.

WARNING: Unband is still ‘alpha’ code and isn’t rock solid so while it’s super cool, you need to set your expectations appropriately.

Posted by: kurtsh | January 24, 2015

INFO: Surface Pro 3 stylus “watch batteries”

imageThe Surface Pro 3 actually has 3 batteries in it, in case you forgot. 

It has 1 AAAA Alkaline Battery that powers the pen itself which most people know about, but it also has 2 watch batteries that power the “Purple Click” button that initiates OneNote.

These batteries are #319 Button Cell Silver Oxide Watch Batteries.  You can purchase backup batteries here:

Posted by: kurtsh | January 23, 2015

DOWNLOAD: Windows 10 Technical Preview 2 ISO

Window10InstallHey you!  Go download the Windows 10 Technical Preview 2.  Do it now!  Installation from USB 3.0 on a Surface Pro 3 Core i5 is about 10 minutes tops.

If you’re not signed up for the Windows Insiders program, you need to do that first.  It’s easy:  Go the the Windows Insiders site, login with your Microsoft Account (Hotmail,, MSN, Live, whatever), then agree to the terms & conditions.  That’s it.

Here’s the download location for the ISO (x64 & x86):

The Product key is:


Posted by: kurtsh | January 22, 2015

INFO: Power Cover for Surface available for $74.99

imageIf you’ve ever wanted a Power Type Cover for Surface Pro (Version 1), Surface 2, Surface Pro 2 & Surface Pro 3, now’s the time:  eBay’s got them available brand new for $74.99.

(These are normally $199.  Amazon has a sale on them for $99, but the eBay offer will save you another $25.)

imageThe SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online solution packs contain code samples and documentation that demonstrate how to use site branding and site provisioning techniques, create and use UX components, address search customization scenarios, customize enterprise content management, provide localization, and work with user profile properties in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online.

The SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online solution packs download contains seven solution packs for SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online.

  • The Branding and Site Provisioning solution pack contains code samples and documentation that demonstrate how to use the SharePoint 2013 cloud app model (CAM) and a new site provisioning pattern called remote provisioning to apply branding elements to sites. This solution pack contains seven modules, supported by ten code samples.
  • The Search solution pack contains code samples and documentation that describe search and demonstrate techniques for customizing search for SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online. This solution pack contains two modules, supported by three code samples.
  • The UX components solution pack contains code samples and documentation that demonstrate how to use apps for SharePoint to customize the user experience both on SharePoint sites and in provider-hosted apps that interact with SharePoint.
  • The Composite business apps solution pack describes how to create apps that integrate tightly with your business processes and other line of business technologies (databases, web services, etc.).
  • The Enterprise Content Management solution pack contains code samples and documentation that describe enterprise content management and demonstrate techniques for customizing enterprise content management in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online. This solution pack contains eight modules with eight code samples.
  • The Localization solution pack contains code samples and documentation that describe how to implement localization in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online. This solution pack contains two modules with two code samples.
  • The User Profile solution pack contains code samples and documentation that describe working with user profile properties and how to implement personalization in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online. This solution pack contains four modules with four code samples.
  • See the SharePoint 2013 sample pack for a .zip file that contains many of the samples describes in these solution packs.

DOWNLOAD: SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online solution packs

Posted by: kurtsh | January 21, 2015

DOWNLOAD: Lync Server 2013 Resource Kit & Documentation

imageThe Lync Server 2013, Resource Kit Tools help to make routine tasks easier for IT administrators who deploy and manage Lync Server 2013. For example, the Web Conf Data tool can be used to easily control data that is uploaded by users during an online meeting. The SEFAUtil tool can be used to set up delegate call forwarding and answering for users. We encourage IT administrators to use these tools to more effectively manage Lync Server 2013.

imageFor those responsible for Surface Pro 3 deployments in their Enterprises, this guide should be pretty helpful.

The guide was developed to show best practices for deploying Windows to Surface Pro 3 devices. This guide is organized in a way that minimizes the learning curve for you to understand how to deploy Windows to the Surface Pro 3 devices to your organization. It presents step-by-step procedures that provide essential building blocks for successive chapters. Therefore, it is a good idea to read the chapters in order. The deployment concepts discussed in this guide are valid for all Windows computers, but specifically targets scenarios for Surface Pro 3 devices.

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