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EVENT: Connect() – Online developer event, Nov 12-13

imageOn November 12th, we’ll be hosting an online developer event called Connect();Connect(); will be a chance to have a conversation with developers about what’s coming next for developer tools, developer services and application platforms across Microsoft.

Check out the Connect(); event page for the agenda and other details.

Read more here:

Save the Date Calendar links & Conference Agenda

Posted by: kurtsh | October 20, 2014

DOWNLOAD: Office 365 for Business Training

imageOffice 365 for Business Training provides training decks for the following scenarios:

  • Get it done from anywhere
  • Email and Calendar on the go
  • Run more effective meetings
  • Store, sync, and share files
  • Work like a network

Download the decks for free here:

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DOWNLOAD: .NET Universe Poster – 2014

imageThis poster shows how the trends are changing in .NET as we´re moving from a single large .NET Framework to a more loosely coupled and autonomous libraries and sub-frameworks, many of them even published as NuGet packages and evolving continuously.

The number of those libs and packages is evolving and growing, so having a visual photo of it can be helpful. The main idea of the poster is to show that you can create any kind of application with .NET, from the largest applications to the smaller apps: in the cloud, on the web, on desktops, tablets, phones, and in embedded environments (even watches!). Any of those application types is shown as category/bucket in the poster and within each bucket we´re tossing the main libraries/SDKs/packages out. Then we´re also showing cross-cutting concerns buckets like Security, Data Access, and .NET Extension libs.

The main categories are the following:

  • Emerging application patterns (Mobile, Web & Cloud)
  • Established application patterns (Desktop and Embedded)
  • Cross-Cutting concerns

Finally, the poster is putting a check/mark on every lib/SDK bullet depending if they are or not complaint with the following:

  • NuGet package
  • Open Source
  • Microsoft Official Supported

You can print it out or use it as in electronic format (.PDF). Using the electronic format (.PDF) allows you to access each content URL/page related.

imageOffice 365 Summit is traveling around the world and delivering technical and sales training direct from the source with Microsoft experts.

These 2 day workshops provide deep technical and sales readiness on all our productivity workloads for IT Professional, Developers, Sales, Adoption and Education. Check out the full event calendar below and register now to take advantage of this opportunity.

Office 365 Summit San Diego will feature over 60 breakout sessions and our best Microsoft speakers from Redmond and around the world.

Event registration is currently FREE for a limited time.

In addition to the keynote, here’s a list of some of the sessions being delivered:

  • Lync: Securing External Access
  • Getting started with Office 365 deployment
  • Office 365 security, privacy, and compliance
  • Office 365 ProPlus Introduction to Office 365 ProPlus -Bring your own Device
  • Office 365 Service Management Excellence: Managing Change and Service Incidents
  • Office 365 ProPlus Planning & Deployment – Part 1 -Bring your own Device
  • Ask the Experts Reception
  • Lync On-Premises Operational Support Tools
  • What’s new in Exchange Online
  • Office 365 internet connection planning and troubleshooting
  • Office 365 ProPlus Planning & Deployment – Part 2-Bring your own Device
  • Technical Overview of SharePoint Online
  • Lab: Troubleshooting On-Premises Microsoft Lync Server 2013 using Centralized Logging Service- Bring your own Device
  • Tools and tips for troubleshooting Office 365
  • MDM for Office 365
  • eDiscovery and Archiving in Office 365
  • Lync Online / Hybrid Overview and Administration
  • Overview of SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 Hybrid and Coexistence
  • Office 365 ProPlus – Implementing a Monthly Staged Update Process –Bring your own Device
  • Enterprise Mobility Suite: an overview
  • Identity management integration options for Office 365
  • Data Loss Prevention in Office 365
  • Office 365 ProPlus – Using Telemetry Dashboard for AppCompat Testing Bring your own Device
  • Delve and the Office Graph
  • Exchange hybrid deployment
  • Office 365 ProPlus – Troubleshooting Installations & Updates – Bring your own Device
  • Lab: Administering Users in a Lync Online and Hybrid Deployment -Bring your own Device

December 11 – 12, 2014

Manchester Hyatt San Diego
1 Market Place
San Diego, CA 92101


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EVENT: Microsoft Ignite–Chicago, May 4-8

imageLast July, we put the word out that Microsoft will host a unified enterprise technology conference in May. We told you it will bring together the best of previously individual events – the Management Summit, the Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, Project, and TechEd conferences – and then take it to the next level, based on what our customers and partners have asked for. Now, we have more to share.

Microsoft Ignite is May 4-8 in Chicago at McCormick Place. Satya Nadella will keynote and will be joined by technical and business leaders including Brad Anderson, Joe Belfiore, Dave Campbell, Peggy Johnson, Chris Jones, Julie Larson Green, Gurdeep Singh Pall and many others.

Take a look at what Ignite has to offer. Registration is open now. Don’t wait too long to start making the case to your management why you can’t miss it.

  • Early Registration $1,920 (Register before December 11, 2014)
  • Standard $2,220 (Register after December 11, 2014)


Read the rest of the announcement here:

Register for Microsoft Ignite here:


Please join us for this hands-on, expert led Microsoft IT Camp “Implementing a Mobile-First World with Microsoft Enterprise Device Infrastructure”.

Attend this IT Camp and explore the new enterprise mobility capabilities of Windows that make recovery, security and identity management of Windows and non-Windows platforms easier. At this full-day interactive, hands-on training event, you will deep dive into key enterprise scenarios like identity, information and app protection. You will also learn about mobile device management and drill into the app management features of Microsoft’s MDM and VDI solutions.

imageAs the U.S. approaches one of the most hotly contested political seasons in years, Bing has launched a new election experience at that helps you get 360-degree view – from local to national – into Elections 2014

Bing brings you the latest news from the right, left and center perspectives, up-to-date predictions across governor and national congressional races, a personalized Voter Guide* that includes side by side comparisons of candidates’ positions as well as a tracker to find the nearest polling sites in your area.

To visit the site, go to:

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RELEASE: Skype Qik: Group Video Messaging

Today, we announced the release of Skype Qik.

Skype Qik is a new video messaging app for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android that gives you a totally effortless way to capture the moment, share laughs, and chat with groups of friends. We know you love your weekly Skype calls with family or friends; Qik keeps you connected in between. Dinner with friends? Bored at work? Having a great day in the park? Go on, share it right from your phone. You’d be surprised how quickly a short video can turn into a great conversation.

Skype Qik: Group Video Messaging


To read more about Skype Qik, check out the announcement on the Skype Blog here:

To download Skype Qik, visit the Qik web site here:

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NEWS: Microsoft on its commitment to Surface

imageThere have been rumors and blogs speculating about Microsoft’s commitment to the Surface hardware business.

In short, “we’re here to stay.”   We can’t control what the media may say… but our CEO has responded and reinforced our commitment to Surface.  The details are posted in our Surface blog.  Here are a few of the key points: 

  • Improved business support and upgrades to Windows 10:
  • More consistency with accessories – the following SP3 accessories will be compatible with the next generation of Surface Pro:
      • Today’s Surface Pro 3 Type Covers
      • Our “infrastructure” accessories such as our power adapter, Ethernet adapter, and more
      • The Surface Pro 3 Docking Station
  • New “Laptop Replacement Offer” for business customers brings value, speeds deployment
      • We’re introducing a limited-time Surface Laptop Replacement Bundle with our reseller partners that provides up to $150 off of a Surface Pro 3, Type Cover and Docking Station when purchased together.
  • Quote from Satya Nadella: 
    “We believe a strength of the Microsoft platform for enterprise is the rich ecosystem of hardware and applications developed by our partners, the community at large, and some of our own teams at Microsoft. In particular with Microsoft Surface Pro 3 we are now offering an enterprise-class device that can deliver great end user productivity. Microsoft is putting its full and sustained support behind the ongoing Surface program as one of a number of great hardware choices for businesses large and small.”
    – Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO

[thank you to my coworker, Toni Bollinger, for the blog summary]

imageThis isn’t for my customers per se but it’s definitely an important training webinar for folks interested in using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote within a web browser for FREE.

Office Online, for those unaware, is a suite of online applications accessible for free from any major browser.  It includes:

  • HTML-based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote
  • Online storage through OneDrive (15GB by default for free)
  • web-based personal information management – including email, calendar & contacts

The great thing about Office Online &, compared to other services like Google Apps & Gmail is:

  • Power of Office.  The capabilities you expect from Office are also available on Office Online.  Here’s a few examples among many:
      • Fonts.  Office Online applications have full access to all the fonts on your local system.  Google Apps provides access 11 fonts total, limiting you when creating new documents, and
      • OneNote.  Office Online’s OneNote provides access to your notes online & synchronizes it’s content – including handwriting & audio recordings – seamlessly with smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) as well as desktops (Macs & Windows).  Google Apps has no such solution.
      • Touch-friendly.  Office Online was designed for use on touch-based devices just as Office 2013 is.  Touch targets are large and usable on iPads, Android tablets, & Surface devices.
      • Pivot Tablets & Charts.  Excel Online provide unique access to one of the most important business analysis technologies invented for spreadsheets:  Pivot tables and charts.  Google Spreadsheets do not.
      • Autocomplete.  Content entered into documents have the same autocomplete capabilities as their desktop counterparts.  Excel fields recognize when content is being retyped, for example. Google Spreadsheets do not.
      • Freeze Panes.  This is a no-brainer necessity for anyone working with large spreadsheets.  You need to be able to freeze a column/row as a reference point (such as header rows) when scrolling large amounts of data.  Google lacks this.
      • Data Entry Controls.  Drop down lists with user selectable items (to minimize user entry errors in spreadsheet forms, minimizing the need for data validation) are fully supported from Excel Online.  Google Spreadsheets do not recognize these. 
  • Document accuracy.  Loading Office documents never require reformatting.  Office Online understands & displays Office documents from your desktop with 100% fidelity.
  • User interface.  Office Online applications look and act just like their desktop counterparts on your desktop computer.  No need to to relearn a new interface.  Office looks like MODERN Office 2000/2013.  Google Apps looks like old Office 2000/2003.
  • Collaboration.  Documents stored can be shared securely with other users with Microsoft accounts.  Better yet, users can simultaneously edit the same document at the same time online and visually see what changes each is making in near-real time – from either Office running on a desktop or Office Online.  No more ‘overwriting’ other people’s changes.

For a comparison between Office Online & Google Apps, see the following videos:

For more information about Office Online, visit:

If you haven’t tried it, it’s available at  The following link will proivide a 15 minute introduction/training to the service.  And again, it’s all free.

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