imageSummary: Learn how to add Yammer functionality to your SharePoint environment or how to replace SharePoint Newsfeeds with Yammer.

Although SharePoint Server 2013 provides basic enterprise social features, Yammer provides a richer enterprise social experience. Yammer is a best-in-class enterprise social network that brings together employees, content, conversations, and business data in a single location. Yammer empowers employees to be more productive by enabling them to collaborate in real time across departments, geographies, and business applications. You can add Yammer functionality to your SharePoint sites by adding Yammer to the navigation bar or by using the Yammer app to embed a Yammer feed in a site.

Posted by: kurtsh | April 14, 2014

NEWS: Microsoft’s official statement on Heartbleed

Yuri Diogenes collected a series of articles that summarize Microsoft’s official statement on the Heartbleed vulnerability.

Yuri’s post is located here:

A Microsoft specialty store is opening on May 13th, 2014 at The Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks, CA. – one of 15 new locations coming.


  • May 13th, 2014


  • The Oaks Mall – Lower Level, near Center Court
  • 350 W. Hillcrest Dr. Thousand Oaks, CA, 91360
  • Phone: (855) 270-6581

Web Page:

Interested in saving 5GB of disk storage on the system drive after installing Windows 8.1 Update 1?


Now that Windows 8.1 Update has been released, we want to talk about a new way that Windows 8.1 can be installed on Windows 8 logo-certified devices (since UEFI is a requirement) with smaller disks, e.g. devices with 16GB or 32GB SSDs or eMMC storage, while still ensuring that there is plenty of storage left for apps and data.

This new deployment option, called Windows Image Boot (or WIMBoot), takes a different approach than traditional Windows installations. Instead of extracting all the individual Windows files from an image (WIM) file, they remain compressed in the WIM. But from the user’s perspective, nothing looks any different: You still see a C: volume containing Windows, your apps, and all of your data.

This is supported with all SKUs of Windows 8.1, with the Windows 8.1 Update. (Remember, we’re not talking about a different version of Windows, just a different way of installing it.)

Read more about WIMBoot here:

Posted by: kurtsh | April 12, 2014

INFO: Surface Pro for Creatives

There’s many opportunities to use Surface Pro 2 in creative environments.

Let’s start off with this video featuring Mike Krahulik, co-creator of famed comic strip Penny Arcade & annual gaming convention, PAX:

Surface Hero Mike Krahulik

Yes, Mike draws Penny Arcade on Surface Pro 2.  Surface Pro 2, with its Wacom Active Digitizer & stylus providing 256 degrees of pressure sensitivity, makes a wonderful creative tool with all the portability of a tablet & the power of a desktop computer.

Another creative in the Los Angeles area has created a comprehensive blog called “Surface Pro Artist” that focuses on the abilities of Surface Pro for creatives using 2D/3D applications. 

Something that you’ll notice is that his blog has evaluated just about every high end Wacom stylus out there usable for the Surface Pro making it a really awesome resource for folks in the media & entertainment industry or the AEC industry space.

This past December 2013, our Surface team talked to hundreds of customers about making Surface Pro 2 even more useful to the creative professional.  People using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, Fusion 360, AutoCAD, etc… all of them provided input on where Surface Pro 2 should go.

Check out what was written about their time at CAVe.

Dell vs Asus

I own a Dell Venue 8 Pro.  Love the thing.  It sits next to my remote controls in my living room & comes with me on mostly non-business trips.  But something recently got me thinking:  I’ve played with the Asus VivoTab Note 8 (in anticipation of getting one later this week, mostly because of it’s Wacom Digitizer i.e. precision, pressure sensitive stylus) and noticed that the performance definitely “felt” faster than my Dell Venue 8 Pro… but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was.

A coworker of mine, Jeff Luna, ran NovaBench on both models and came up with, what ended up being unsurprising results.

If you can’t read the photo:

Component Dell Venue 8 Pro Asus VivoTab Note 8
RAM Speed 3566MB/s 3922 MB/s
Floating Point Ops/sec 56.9M 77.4M
Integer Ops/sec 100.8M 132.5M
Drive Write Speed 32MB/s 45MB/s


Now in addition to this, we both agree that, despite the specs saying otherwise, the Asus seems to also have a longer lived battery.  The Dell Venue 8 Pro states it gets 8 hours of battery while the Asus VivoTab Note 8 says it gets 6 hours – which I attributed to having the Wacom Digitizer.

Well, the exact opposite seems to be the case.  We both agreed that the Asus seems to have closer to 8 hours of battery life while the Dell, even with it’s most recent firmware updates, seems to have less than this – however we can’t seem to agree what the life is for it because of differing levels of usage.

It should be noted that the Dell costs substantially less than the Asus VivoTab Note 8 – roughly 33% less/$100 less.  Generally, a 32GB Dell Venue 8 Pro can be found for $200 whereas the 32GB Asus VivoTab Note 8 can be found for $300, with 64GB models being roughly offset by the same.  The Dell is also thinner & lighter than the Asus & both of these things make sense when you consider the Asus adds the Wacom Digitizer which not only adds to the cost of parts but can add to the bulk of the device.

imageAre you a datacenter ninja?  Are you a novice or expert in cloud technologies?  Wanna play a game designed for IT pros?

Introducing Quest of the Cloud Walker.  Read the description/instructions below to get an idea about how it’s played.

Oh yeah.  And they’re giving away Xbox Ones as prizes.



OneNote is now free.  And it’s cross platform supporting Windows, Windows Phone, MacOS, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

And it has tools like Office Lens for digitizing whiteboards & documents into your OneNote file.

So, do you know anyone that wants to switch from Evernote to OneNote?

Here’s your free tool:  (Windows only)

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RELEASE: Lync for Mac 14.0.8 with Mavericks OS support

imageLync for Mac 14.0.8 now supports Mavericks OS.

The update specifically resolves the following issues:

To download the update and read more information about it visit the following link:

This so awesome.

OneNote Mac – The Song [Parody of One Day More from Les Misérables]

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