Posted by: kurtsh | May 9, 2023

NEWS: Forrester names Microsoft a Leader in 2023 Infrastructure-as-a-Service Platform Native Security report

imageMicrosoft is a 1st class platform leader in IaaS platform native Security, with Microsoft Defender cloud security solutions for virtually all IaaS workloads such as:

  • Comprehensive Cloud Security Posture Management & Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management
  • World class DDOS protection, Malware detection for blob storage, VMs, containers, etc.

Other lower-tier cloud providers do not have most of the same native IaaS security solutions to protect assets in their cloud and generally rely on customers purchasing separately licensed, 3rd party security solutions & their positions on the Forrester Wave highlights this lack of attention to this critical area.

To download the Forrester Wave report on “Infrastructure-as-a-service Platform Native Security” (licensed for distribution):


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