Posted by: kurtsh | May 3, 2023

DOWNLOAD: Microsoft Security Solution feature guides – Defender for Office 365 & Defender for Endpoint

imageTo get the most value from your Security solutions, you need to understand the business value of the different features they include to decide if, when, and how to go about turning them on. And when you’re ready to enable new features, you need clear guidance to make it happen.  

This is why we recently published new Microsoft Security solution feature guides on Microsoft Defender for Office 365 and Defender for Endpoint. Each guide briefly highlights five key product features and the value they provide, then points directly to step-by-step enablement instructions. 

  • Microsoft Security solution feature guide:
    Microsoft Defender for Office 365

    Defender for Office 365 provides integrated threat protection for your email and collaboration tools. With this guide, you can learn about and enable:
      1. Incident and alert management
      2. Attack simulations and training campaigns
      3. Automated investigation and response triggers
      4. Scanning with Safe Links
      5. Attachment checks with Safe Attachments
  • Microsoft Security solution feature guide:
    Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

    Defender for Endpoint helps you rapidly stop attacks, scale security resources, and evolve defenses across your operating systems and network devices. The guide covers the following features and links to instructions so you can: 

      1. Define manual response actions
      2. Explore automated investigations
      3. Enable endpoint reporting and policy settings
      4. Engage in advanced threat hunting
      5. Choose either active or passive mode for antivirus

Check out the Microsoft Defender for Office 365 and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint solution feature guides to learn how you can get more value from Microsoft Security and take your first steps toward enabling more features today.   


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