Posted by: kurtsh | April 28, 2023

NEWS: Gartner: “Is It Time to Move to Windows 11?”

imageGartner recently published a Gartner Research Note that discusses their recommendation around deploying Windows 11:

The release of the Windows 11 2022 update signals that it is time for enterprises to introduce Windows 11 into annual update processes. I&O leaders should start with new PCs being purchased early in 2023, and then upgrade existing, compatible devices running Windows 10 21H2 or 20H2.

Quick Answer
Is it time to move to Windows 11?

Yes. I&O leaders should introduce Windows 11 22H2 as part of their annual Windows feature update processes, instead of Windows 10. New PCs being purchased in early 2023 should be first to get the new OS, then upgrades to existing, compatible devices running Windows 10 should follow.


More detail around this recommendation is available in the fully-licensed-for-distribution Gartner Research Note available below:


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