Posted by: kurtsh | February 13, 2023

INFO: Clarity and Connection: How Microsoft uses Viva Goals to drive organization-wide impact

imageMicrosoft is seeing impact from Viva Goals and we are working with many clients to do the same.

Here’s what Ian Story, Directory of Product Development for SharePoint Syntex at Microsoft, has to say about working with our OKR tools.

“All businesses need to have objectives and key results to understand how they’re doing, particularly in times where we have to do more with less. In a business like mine – Microsoft Syntex – we see that OKRs save us time and keep alignment when we are all very busy. We use Viva Goals to track our OKRs and make sure that we’re staying on track, optimizing our investments, and driving business performance for Syntex while we help all our customers achieve more.”  

Read more about how Microsoft Viva is being developed and deployed at Microsoft:

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